Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my name or email address?

The admin of your environment can change your name or email address for you. The admin navigates to ‘organize users’ via the admin panel. Here the name can be altered or email address can be changed, by clicking on the three vertical dots placed next to the name of the concerned user.

How can I change my password?

Click on your own name in the upper right corner within your TruQu environment. Here you navigate to the settings page and select the tab ‘password’. Here you can change your password by selecting ‘change password’.

How do I log in for the first time?

The admin will invite you via the environment that you will join. You’ll receive an email with an invitation that contains a link for activation. By clicking on the link you’ll be able to set a password and use your new TruQu account!

I’ve received an invitation to join TruQu but I can’t log in. What should I do?

It could be the case that your invitation and link is expired. Ask the admin of your environment to re-invite you via the ‘organize users’ overview in their admin panel and create your account with the new link!

Is it possible to customize the emails and notifications I receive?

Navigate to your settings page by clicking on your own name in the upper right corner of the tool. Go to the ‘notifications’ tab and select which categories of communications you’d like to receive.

How do I download my data?

To download all your data in one go, you can choose to download a JSON-file. For a prettier and more readable display of your development, you can download all your actions separately or you can choose to write a reflection about your time using the tool. Download the data extraction document to see how to download your data in all three formats.

Why aren’t I receiving the feedback that I collected via the feedback link?

When collecting data through the feedback link or QR code, a confirmation of email address is necessary. Check with the person that sent you their feedback via the link if they completed their email confirmation.

Why can’t I attach a certain template to my QR code or feedback link?

The admin of your environment has set up templates per functionality. Ask the admin of your environment if she can set up the template you are missing.

How do I delete my data?

When your environment is deleted, your profile and data are also deleted. If you would like to delete your data even though the environment you work in will not be removed, you can delete your data per action by clicking on the three dots depicted in all feedback actions and selecting ‘delete’.

How do I delete my account?

Ask the admin of your environment to delete your account, by navigating to the admin panel, clicking on ‘organize users’ and selecting your name. Scroll down and press ‘delete’.

Is it possible to give spontaneous feedback to others that do not have a TruQu account?

Unfortunately it is not possible to, via your TruQu account, give feedback to others that do not have an account. However, it is possible to receive feedback from others that do not have an account. Enter their email address when requesting feedback via the feedback or reflection module, or share your feedback link or QR code.

How can I withdraw a feedback request?

Navigate to the request via your feedback overview. Click on the bin to delete and withdraw your feedback request.

How can I ask for feedback without using a standard set of questions?

Navigate to the feedback module and select ‘ask for feedback’. Enter all information as usual but instead of selecting a template, select ‘ask your own questions’ and enter the questions you’d like to have answered by your request.

Where do I find the message I sent to accompany my feedback request?

This message is to be found in the mailbox of your recipient. It is not saved in your TruQu account.

I would like to give my colleague a compliment, but I can’t seem to find her name when selecting a recipient for my compliment. How do I send her a compliment?

Are you sure she has a TruQu account? If she has an account you should be able to find her. Type in her name and it will appear.

I’ve given a compliment but I can’t find the compliment on the compliment wall. How come?

When you receive a compliment, you can choose if you’d like to share it on the wall or not. It could be the case that the recipient of your compliment has not seen the compliment yet, or has chosen to keep it private.

Can I share my compliment with a specific colleague?

When you receive a compliment, you can either choose to share it with your entire organization by posting it on the compliment wall or to keep it to yourself. This means it is not possible to share it with one specific colleague.

How do I add my goals and feedback to my reflection report?

By selecting the time period you’re reflecting on, the actions during this period will appear while setting up your report. You can exclude actions from your report if they aren’t relevant to your reflection.

When writing a reflection, how do I have others reflect on me before I reflect on myself?

It’s possible to share your report before entering your own answers. Think of a title for your report, select the time period you’re reflecting on, choose which actions you want to attach, pick a template but do not enter your answers. Save your report and ask for feedback on your report by adding colleagues. Add your own answers after your colleagues have entered theirs!

Under which circumstances are my actions added to my reflection?

When feedback is received within the time period that has been selected for your reflection, it will be added to your report. Compliments are also added. Goals are added when the period between the creation and completion of the goal overlaps with the time frame the report reflects on.

Why can’t my colleague reflect on my reflection report?

You’ve probably completed your report before your colleague has responded to your request. Watch out not to complete your report before you’ve gathered all the requested input!

Why don’t I have access to template X?

When you’re not able to access any template, it can be the case that you’re not assigned to a team. Contact your admin and make sure to be added to one of the teams within your environment. When specific templates are missing from the selection of templates you can choose from, it can be the case that the specific templates aren’t available for your team. Contact your admin and ask for the template you’re looking for to be added to your team via ‘organize teams’ in the admin panel.

Is it possible to edit feedback when I’ve made a spelling mistake?

Unfortunately it is not possible to edit given feedback or requests that have already been sent.

Can I, as an admin, analyse a questionnaire that has been filled in and sent out by various professionals?

This is possible via the ‘template analysis’ functionality. Here you can analyse templates with closed answer options (sliders, ratings and multiple choice). Open ended answers aren’t shown in the analysis. In addition, it’s only possible to conduct analysis on a template after at least ten entries. By setting a minimum number of entries it’s possible to keep entries anonymous while being able to use the data and insights to make data driven decisions. If you want to be able to see who entered which answers and have insight in open ended questions, set up a ‘public template’.

Can I, as a coach or an admin, view all actions per user?

Via the admin panel, navigate to ‘activity’. Here you’ll find an overview of the activity of all users, activity per team or the activity per user. Navigate to the ‘user activity’ tab, and select the user you’d like to have an overview of. Here you’ll find all the actions of this user that are shared with you. In addition, you can request access to unshared actions here.

Where do I find an overview of my own actions and the actions that are shared with me?

Within every module you’ll find an overview of your own actions and the actions others have shared with you. Navigate to the module by clicking on goals, feedback or reflection report at the top of the screen. The modules that appear will showcase the actions per category.

Why isn’t my to-do list updated even though I have conducted actions within TruQu?

A different cycle can be installed per action. It could be the case that a new cycle has started for the action you have completed, while other cycles are still running.

How can I see the entries of public templates?

Via the ‘template analysis’ function within the admin panel you can download template entries or data per template. When the template is public, the data will also show who entered the answers that are displayed and open ended questions.

How can I add feedback to my goal?

When you send a feedback request, you can link your goal to the request. It’s the last step when setting up your feedback request via the feedback module. Slide the slider to the right and select the goal you’d like to link to your request. Indicate if you want to give your recipient access to your goal by closing the lock or by keeping it open. When you’ve received your feedback, it will be displayed on the timeline of your goal.

How can I edit a published template?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to edit a published template. This is due to the fact that editing a template after it has possibly already been used, will mess up the data collected with the template. When you’d like to edit a template, duplicate by clicking on the duplicate icon in the template overview, make the changes in the duplicated version of the template and publish this template. Thereafter, move the original template to the archive by clicking on it, scrolling all the way down, and clicking ‘archive’.

How do I delete a template?

It’s not possible to delete a template. This is due to the fact that deleting a template would delete the data collected with the template. It is possible to archive templates. By archiving templates, the overview stays neat and all users keep their data.

How do I delete a team?

Send an email to and indicate which teams you’d like to have deleted. Be aware that when users aren’t assigned to a team, they cannot use all functionalities of the tool. Assign users to a new team if they become orphaned after deleting a team.

Who is the Feedback Coach and why is she a user within my environment

The Feedback Coach is an account that makes it possible for us to provide support within your environment. It can be necessary for us to enter your environment when you experience trouble or need some help with certain settings. The Feedback Coach does not have access to your data and you aren’t invoiced for the account.

How can I add more than one user at a time?

You can organize a bulk import by entering users in a CSV file and uploading the file. Enter user name, email, language, team and role, in this sequence. Do not give the file a header and enter the user per role. When a user has more than one role, this user is entered more than once in the file.

How do I organize a development cycle that starts in the past, in order for it to end on a specific date that matches my organization?

When setting a cycle you can only select a future starting date. When it better suits your organization to set a starting date in the past, we can organize this for you. Publish the cycle with a random starting date and send us a message at that states the desired starting date. We’ll set the cycle to the correct starting date as soon as possible!

To whom does the development cycle apply?

The development cycle is for all users in the environment. Everyone within the environment will receive notifications triggered by the cycle at the same time. 

How do I change the role of a user?

Navigate to ‘organize users’ via the admin panel and click on the three vertical dots depicted besides the name of the user. Choose ‘edit’. In the next screen you’ll be able to assign new roles.

Can I assign admin and coach roles to more than one users?

Yes! There’s no limit to the number of admins and team coaches within your environment.

What is the difference between an admin and a team coach role?

Team coaches are able to view activity of their team, while admins see the activity of all users within the environment. In addition, admins are able to set development cycles, set up templates, send activation messages via the tool, add users, edit roles and set up teams. Coaches can edit teams but cannot create teams.

What's the difference between a professional and a team coach?

A professional uses the tool and its modules for their own learning and development. A coach has a monitoring role and can see statistics about the activity of other professionals within their team. Team coaches can motivate professionals to work on their development and can provide further support. In addition, team coaches can edit existing teams.

How do I see who the admins and team coaches are within my environment?

When you have an admin role you can navigate to ‘organize users’ via the admin panel. Here you can see the roles per user by clicking on ‘edit’. With both a team coach role and an admin role you can see who are the team coaches of which team via the ‘organize teams’ function within the admin panel. Click on the pen to edit and scroll down for the overview. A professional has no insight into the roles of other users.