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Privacy statement

Personal data are processed via our website and our services. Careful handling of personal data is very important to us. In our processing we comply with the requirements set by the privacy legislation. That means amongst other things, that:

  • We clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do this via this privacy statement;
  • We limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data required for legitimate purposes;
  • We will first ask you for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required;
  • We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and we demand this from parties that process personal data per our request;
  • In our role as processor, we only process the personal data for the purpose indicated by the customer and with the resources chosen by the customer.

In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose We advise you to read this carefully.

What information does TruQu have about me? 
In order to offer our website and services, we process personal data. The concept of personal data refers to information with which you can be identified as a person.

We use the following data for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement:

Our services

  • First and last name users/ givers of feedback
  • E-mail address users/ givers of feedback
  • Feedback

Forms and Newsletter

  • Name
  • E-mail addresses
  • Mobile phone numbers, if you choose to share this
  • Function, if you if you choose to share this

Application procedure
It depends on what the applicant has added in his or her CV. In all cases however: Name and address details, e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth. We want to inform applicants that the BSN number does not have to be included in the CV.

Why does TruQu need my data? 
We do not collect or use your personal data for purposes other than the purpose described in this privacy statement, unless we have obtained your consent in advance.

Use of our service
When you use our services, it is necessary to provide us with personal data. Furthermore, the customer of our software is responsible and thereby the person who determines which personal data is processed through our service. Our role in this is processor. The personal data are processed for the execution of the agreement between the customer and TruQu.

This personal data is stored for as long as it is necessary to use our service and up to one month after they have been terminated so that, if necessary, we can still provide support/handling. Thereafter the personal data will be deleted.

Forms and newsletter
Our website contains forms that you can use to request a free trial or demo to get in touch with us about different subjects. We keep the information you provide us with these forms for as long as necessary or reasonable for the complete answering and/or handling of your request.

We also offer a newsletter with which we inform interested parties about our services and activities. Every newsletter contains a link which makes It possible for you to unsubscribe. Your e-mail address will only be issues with your explicit permission added to the list of subscribers.

Application procedure 
We collect and process data from applicants for the benefit of the application procedure directly or by a response to the website. Your personal data will then be issues no later than 4 weeks after the end of the job application procedure if you have not received the job. If we have your permission to keep the data longer, for example, because there may still be appropriate functions in the future, this term will be a year.

Can I withdraw my permission?
If a processing is based on your consent, you are entitled (without retroactive effect) to withdraw it at any time. Please contact us via the details below.

Are my details provided to third parties?
We only use third parties when necessary for the execution of our services and activities. If these third parties have access to your data, we always take appropriate measures to ensure that your data is adequately protected and used exclusively for the intended purposes.

For example, we host our data at Leasweb NL. The servers are in the Netherlands and our backups are located in Frankfurt.

Transfers of personal data to countries outside the European Union only take place to countries that offer an adequate level of protection for the processing of personal data, such as the US / EU Privacy Shield, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Does TruQu ensure that my data is protected?
TruQu has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data you provide against unauthorized use.

These measures include, but are not limited to:

  • TruQu ensures that its network connections are secure (SSL);
  • Personnel and third parties are obliged to confidentiality;
  • Access to personal data is restricted to certain authorized persons;
  • Testing recurrent PEN;
  • Staff are trained around privacy;
  • Strict password policy.

For more information about our security, please contact us via the details below.

Does TruQu use Cookies?
For all information regarding the use of cookies click here.

Does the TruQu platform remember my log-in details?
To be able to use our service, a user must first register. After registration we save via the data entered by the user if desired. We keep this information so that the user does not have to enter it every time. We will regularly request the user, for security reasons, to re-enter the password. Users are able to change their password at any time and can choose to use two factor authentication.

Can this privacy statement be changed?
We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. It is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

Does this statement also apply to websites where I end up through you?

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to this website by means of links. We can not guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We advise you to read the privacy and cookie statement of these websites before using these websites.

What are my privacy rights?
You have different privacy rights under the law. If you want to use it, you can send us a request.

You can send us a request to:

  • View your personal data;
  • Change your personal data;
  • Delete your personal data;
  • Request a data export of your personal data (which you have provided to us);
  • Request limitation of your personal data (motivated);
  • Objection to the processing of your personal data (motivated).

We are required to verify your identity when you submit a request. We therefore ask you to send your identity card or driver’s license. Care that your passport photo and BSN number are made invisible and state that it is a copy. You must also substantiate your request.

Note: If we receive a request in a situation where we can be designated as a processor, we will forward this request to the customer (the responsible party). If necessary, we will provide support to the responsible for handling the request.


Can I file a complaint?
Of course we are happy to help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. Under the privacy legislation you also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority against these processing of personal data. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this.

How can I reach TruQu?
For questions or requests you can contact us at any time via the information below.

TruQu B.V.
Schinkeldijkje 2A-2B
1132 CE, Aalsmeer

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