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How do I conduct template analysis?

Within TruQu you’re able to conduct template analysis when closed ended questions are used within a template.

Press ‘admin’ or ‘analysis’ in the menu located at the top of the tool. It depends on your role which of the two options is displayed. Navigate to ‘template analysis’ under ‘data’ and select the template you want to conduct analysis on. Make sure the template has been used at least 10 times, or else you’ll not be able to use the analysis functionality and the buttons that allow you to download the data will not appear. Scroll down and choose  ‘DOWNLOAD CSV’ or ‘DOWNLOAD EXCEL’.

Open the file and analyse the data. Calculate averages or sum the values. To do so, select the data row you want to analyse. To select more cells at once, use the shift key and select the first and last cell you want to include in your analysis. Press SUM or AVERAGE to conduct the corresponding analysis. Be careful to enter the correct cells into the formula (i.e. H3-H15) and press the enter key.

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