Product Updates

In recent months, TruQu has studied the realization of an API, so that all employees can include their developments in the personnel file.

If you are curious about the developments around the API, please contact

To organize a performance cycle, a date in the past can now also be selected. This can align your cycle with the quarters in the year.

After the MVP to make reflections transparent with the auto-sharing feature. We’ve made some changes to make the module even more user-friendly. Coaches within your organization can now see a simpler overview of the reflection reports within the teams.

The contents of the reports can be viewed once the report has been shared. Team members can individually request feedback on the reflection report. This step is now part of writing the reflection, so TruQu prevents team members from overlooking the function.

Tip! Via the data settings from the management panel, you can ensure that reflection reports are open to coaches by default. Then nothing needs to be shared manually.

You probably remember our monster illustrations that appeared throughout the product. TruQu wants to create a more neutral appearance for customers. That is why we have made the choice to replace all illustrations within the application. The new style matches the corporate identity of our new website. View it at

For the optimal guidance of your employees in a large organization, we recommend creating teams. As soon as you start rearranging these, it is now possible to delete all old teams immediately.

Still made a mistake in a template that is live? That is no problem now, because you can now adjust the texts in a published template. So no data analyzes that are interrupted, because a template has to be republished. Want to know more about this? Check out the “Template analysis” function in the management panel.

You can follow the activity of an employee via the activity page. The shared actions are immediately visible and the reflection report can also be prepared by default (via the settings) by you as an administrator. We’ve added a new feature to the reflection report. As a result, it is now also possible to reopen an already completed reflection report. In your role as administrator, you can therefore easily help colleagues who want to enrich the report.

We’re super excited to let you know that it’s now possible to comment more often when you’ve received feedback. A chat box has been created so that you can talk back and forth. Continue to discuss the feedback received with your colleague. Did you receive a nice response? Then click on the heart ❤️ so that your colleague sees that you appreciate it!

Sometimes a reflection is meant for a short check in. Then the employee can share this report for information. For the more extensive development interviews, it is desirable to have the report supplemented by a coach. In that case, the employee shares the report and also asks for feedback.

As an administrator, you can determine the settings for the entire organization. If you are in the lead for the development from HR, you only choose the ‘admin option’. Do you also work with managers who have a coaching role in TruQu? Then you can also give the coaches the same rights.

When you send a feedback request to your team or external connections, it will be bundled from now on. Find feedback even faster that belongs together and contributes to your development. With bundling you can now easily compare your feedback with a clickable carousel.

– Create new links and choose a separate link for each situation. For example for your email signature and another for your MS Teams chat box. It is now also possible to create multiple links.

– When you send a feedback request to your team or external connections, it will be bundled from now on. Find feedback even faster that belongs together and contributes to your development. With bundling you can now easily compare your feedback with a clickable carousel.

We are going to make this process even more efficient by organizing a reflection round for a group of employees in one go. This new feature is super useful when you want to facilitate teams in creating reflection reports in preparation for a development meeting.

From every role within the organization it becomes possible to set a goal for a team, which is jointly worked on. Also take the opportunity to link specific actions to team members, so that you are really working together on a goal within a team.

New features: Yes! It is now possible to download the actions and milestones in a reflection report in detail to a pdf. You can save this in your own archive or share it with your team coach. In addition to the name of a goal, you also see the description, action points, the timeline, advice from colleagues and linked feedback. And the attached feedback and compliments you have received are also in detail.

Feature changes: Now it is possible to request feedback from a team without asking yourself.

Redesign: The header at the feedback module is now green, this is visible when giving feedback on a request.

Redesign: We added icons to the buttons in the header at the goal and reflection modules. These icons can be found in the navigation on mobile.

Improvements: We’ve made an improvement on the responsive design on mobile. On the compliment page and the performance cycle on the dashboard.

New features: Super practical! You can now save your feedback as a draft when filling in a feedback request, this gives you extra time to think about the feedback before sending.

Redesign: The buttons on the top right of the overview pages are deleted. These buttons led to a selection page that is now inactive. Now you can find these primary buttons at the bottom of the step-by-step plan on every overview page.

Redesign: New colors for the tables, timeline and charts on the dashboard and the activity pages. The new color style is slowly being implemented throughout the application.

Improvements: New dutch translation for “wijzigen > bewerken” applied throughout the application.

Link your feedback also afterwards to your goal

Yes, it’s possible! Did you get feedback that you didn’t link to your goal beforehand? Now it is also possible to connect it afterwards. So if you have received feedback that can contribute to the development of your goal, simply link it and inform others with whom you have shared your goal.

Be guided by the handy step-by-step plan to quickly see what is possible in a module. New colleagues quickly get to know TruQu through this optimization. As soon as we add functionalities, this will be included in the step-by-step plan so that you can always easily see which interactions are possible.


A fresh and colorful look!
Goals, Feedback and Reflection now have their own color. In addition to the fresh and colorful look, it ensures recognisability. ​The colors will also be implemented on the dashboard, so that you can quickly navigate between the modules via the dashboard.

Bring more focus to your learning goals! From now on you’ll be able to add deadlines to your goal action points. With action points any goal that may seem hard to reach at first can be divided up into small, steps and you can make progress by walking through these steps, one at a time.

By adding a date to every step you can easily plan and organize your progress. This feature will be available to every new goal you add, as wel as goals you’ve already started work on.

Extra tip: Make sure you activate the calendar link as well. The link enables you to view the deadlines in your own calendar. Very convenient! By integrating TruQu actions into your personal calendar you can make use of extra triggers.

Does your organization use SalesForce? You can now use the Single Sign On link with TruQu! The link enables every one of your colleagues to log into TruQu with their SalesForce login credentials. Make learning and developing more fun by simplifying it.

As of now, it’s possible to manage the look & feel of your environment. Personalise your login screen, your organisation’s logo and the favicon via the admin panel. Do so by simply uploading png and jpg images. New environments can bring fresh energy

  • Your colourised logo: As you might have noticed, the colour of the tool has changed! The new colour palette has created wider possibilities for expansion of personalisation and further incorporation of your corporate identity within the tool. Your logo’s have been renewed to colourised versions and are to be found in the top banner of your environment.


  • Push notifications: As of now, it’s possible to receive push notifications by TruQu! Installing push notifications results in receiving web notifications, even when you’re not logged into the tool at that particular moment in time. Receiving these notifications will keep you updated, sharp, and will forecome lagging on feedback requests! Navigate to the settings page of your TruQu account and activate your push notifications under the notification tab. Click here for extra information on setting up your notifications.


  • Inspiration renewal: After updating the possibilities regarding inspiring users and providing inspiration content, the inspiration provided by TruQu also needed an update!
    Let yourself be inspired by our TruQu inspiration for the goal module, subjects for spontaneous feedback and asking single feedback questions. Click on ‘inspiration’ beneath the input field and choose between the following development subjects: leadership, project management and personal development.

Tip for creating organisation content: check role descriptions and job posts for inspiration to  set challenging goals for other users and spark their development!

We’ve expanded our tool with a new feature that will enhance the learning culture of your organization!

The possibility to add custom inspiration for goals, feedback and reflection, has been added to the tool. With the coach role, you’ll be able to align inspiration with the objectives of your team and create a perfect match between your team and TruQu!


How do I add inspiration?

  1. Navigate to the admin panel and choose ‘create content’;
  2. Select the module you’d like to provide inspiration for;
  3. Indicate in which language you’ll provide the inspiration;
  4. Choose to inspire a specific team;
  5. Choose ‘add content’ and type your inspiration;
  6. And last but not least, press ‘save’!