Product Updates

As of now, it’s possible to manage the look & feel of your environment. Personalise your login screen, your organisation’s logo and the favicon via the admin panel. Do so by simply uploading png and jpg images. New environments can bring fresh energy

  • Your colourised logo: As you might have noticed, the colour of the tool has changed! The new colour palette has created wider possibilities for expansion of personalisation and further incorporation of your corporate identity within the tool. Your logo’s have been renewed to colourised versions and are to be found in the top banner of your environment.


  • Push notifications: As of now, it’s possible to receive push notifications by TruQu! Installing push notifications results in receiving web notifications, even when you’re not logged into the tool at that particular moment in time. Receiving these notifications will keep you updated, sharp, and will forecome lagging on feedback requests! Navigate to the settings page of your TruQu account and activate your push notifications under the notification tab. Click here for extra information on setting up your notifications.


  • Inspiration renewal: After updating the possibilities regarding inspiring users and providing inspiration content, the inspiration provided by TruQu also needed an update!
    Let yourself be inspired by our TruQu inspiration for the goal module, subjects for spontaneous feedback and asking single feedback questions. Click on ‘inspiration’ beneath the input field and choose between the following development subjects: leadership, project management and personal development.

Tip for creating organisation content: check role descriptions and job posts for inspiration to  set challenging goals for other users and spark their development!


We’ve expanded our tool with a new feature that will enhance the learning culture of your organization!

The possibility to add custom inspiration for goals, feedback and reflection, has been added to the tool. With the coach role, you’ll be able to align inspiration with the objectives of your team and create a perfect match between your team and TruQu!


How do I add inspiration?

  1. Navigate to the admin panel and choose ‘create content’;
  2. Select the module you’d like to provide inspiration for;
  3. Indicate in which language you’ll provide the inspiration;
  4. Choose to inspire a specific team;
  5. Choose ‘add content’ and type your inspiration;
  6. And last but not least, press ‘save’!