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Click on the ‘goals’ button above the dashboard and navigate to the goal module within the tool. Here you will find an overview of your active goals, the goals others have shared with you, and the goals you have completed. In the top right corner, click on ‘make a new goal’ to create a new goal within TruQu. Choose if you want to set a target to go with your goal. When you choose to set a target, you add a numerical value to your goal. Subsequently you add meaning to the numbers by describing your goal. When you choose not to add a target, the goal module skips this part, and goes straight to defining your goal. What is it you would like to develop or show? Here you give some extra information about your goal and describe some background or meaning. Why would you like to achieve this goal? What does it mean to accomplish this goal? After that you add action points to your goal to make it specific and to add concrete behaviours that will lead to the desired accomplishments. Finally, you add a deadline, and set a date that is realistic yet challenging.

After setting your goal, the page will guide you to the timeline of your goal. Within the timeline of your goal, you have the option to edit the value of your target in the top right corner of the screen. Right below it’s possible to add colleagues and share your goal with them. By sharing your goal, your colleagues will know what you are working on and will be able to give you more relevant feedback. Changes and action towards goal completion will be displayed on this timeline, as well as added intermediate results. After completing an action point, it is possible to add a description that will accompany the action point on the timeline. Received feedback that is relevant for your goal will also be displayed on the timeline. When you are finished working on your goal, you can store it by pressing the ‘complete’ button in the top right corner. Good job! If you’d like to add information after completion, don’t worry. By navigating to the goal module overview, you can click on your completed goals, and add information after goal completion.


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