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How do I add custom inspiration content?

To help users find development areas, it’s possible to, as an admin, add organisation or team specific inspiration content to the tool. 

When adding goals, asking for feedback or entering feedback and reflection report subjects, let yourself be inspired by examples. Select ‘inspiration’ below the input field and the TruQu inspiration will show. When you’ve added your own inspiration content, it will be depicted right beside the TruQu examples. For example, add the core competencies of the most common profiles within your organization, or add overarching organization goals to the inspiration content section. 

To add content for inspiration to your environment:

  1. Navigate to the admin panel and choose ‘create content’;
  2. Select which module you’d like to add content to and in which language;
  3. Select ‘add content’ under the organization tab to publish inspiration content for the entire organization;
  4. Select ‘add content’ under the tab of a specific team to publish inspiration content for that specific team;
  5. Select ‘save’ in the upper right corner to publish your inspiration content.

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