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Add and remove teams

Add a new team

With the “Add team” button you can create a new team and assign employees within the organization to it. It is always recommended to add a team coach to the team, they can edit the details for this team. Don’t forget to enter the name of the team and save it.

  • Admins can create new teams
  • Team coaches and professionals cannot create new teams


Edit team

Teams can be edited on the “organize teams” page with the pen tool icon.

  • Admins can customize all teams
  • Team coaches can only edit their own teams


Linking teams to templates

It is possible to link templates to specific teams. Go to the “organize templates” page, click on the templates you want to use for this team and add your team (or share the template within the entire organization).


Deleting teams

Deleting a team can only be done by TruQu. The “default’ teams should always be taken into account. If you add new employees to the organisation, they will always automatically end up in the default team. The default team can only be removed if a new default team is chosen. Contact TruQu by: the support chat or email to for any questions or to remove teams (only by an admin within the organization).

Please watch the explanatory video above.

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