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Create users

Can be done by: admins (bulk), team coaches (one by one)
Can’t be done by: professionals

You can find the users in the topbar under Admin-> Users. Here you get an overview of all users. Click on ‘add new user’.


One by one

Under ‘single user’ you can add users one by one. Specify the user’s name and email address. Then specify which role the user should have and for which groups. When you click on ‘save’, the new user is added to the list of all users. To give the user access to his account, click on the envelope in the list. The user will receive an email to activate its account.


Bulk import and CSV Synchronization

Under ‘add new user’ you get the option to use bulk import or CSV synchronization as well.

In ‘bulk import’ you can upload a CSV file to create hundreds of users simultaneously. You can select whether to send the new users an invitation immediately or not. The format of the CSV file must be equal to the instructions on the page. With ‘synchronization’ you can keep the users in TruQu up-to-date with your organization.

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