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Help with creating goals

TruQu gives you the possibility to make your own goals. What do you want to work and receive feedback on? But what are the right goals for you? Every person has their own goals they want to work on. Below we offer you some tips:


What are the goals of the organization?

A way to pick the right goals for you, is by looking at the goals of the organization. If your organization sees teamwork as an important goal for its employees, you could take this goal and use it for your personal development.


It’s important to make your goals SMART; specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound.

S- Specific: it is clear to everyone what it is about and what result you want to achieve. So describe the goal concrete.

M- Measurable: this means that the result (named under specific) must also be visible. That is why it is often expressed in percentages and numbers.

A-Acceptable: is it feasible for yourself? Is there sufficient support to achieve the goal? Is it action-oriented and can it leads to results? Employees must be able to accept the goal. Only then they will go for it.

R- Realistic: the goal must be challenging, but realistic. An inaccessible goal does not motivate people.

T- Time-bound: goals must be realized within a certain time. When do we start with the activities? When are we ready? When is the goal achieved?

Of course it is always difficult to find out for yourself where you want to improve. Think of things you are unsure about as a professional. Do you think you can improve your presentation skills? Set this as a goal and ask for feedback!

To give you some inspiration for creating goals we have made a document with some examples. Click here to view the document.

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