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Making feedback questions

Asking feedback with TruQu is easy, for sure. But how do you ask the right feedback? There are 3 points that we recommend to keep track of when aksing for feedback: when, about what and why.



Choose a logical moment to ask for feedback. When you ask for feedback after an activity or always after a certain period of time, people can prepare for this and provide useful feedback. An example is after a presentation. Once you have given the presentation, use TruQu to ask how it went. Do not do this too long after the presentation. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that you will no longer receive useful feedback. Click here to see more examples of good moments and questions.


About what?

In addition, it is important to clearly state what you want to receive feedback about. This increases the chance of useful feedback. Let’s use the previous example again: the presentation. You have just given a presentation on the sales figures for the past quarter. You thought it went well, but you are still unsure about your presentation skills. Was it clear to everyone and did you speak clearly and calmly?

Within TruQu you have the option to use a questionnaire or a single question to ask for feedback. Below is an example for both options:

Single question: What did you think of my presentation skills? Was I clear enough?

Questionnaire: Presentation skills & Clarity

With the questionnaire, it is important to find the right template that matches the subject and the feedback you want to receive.



Finally, it is important to determine whom you want to ask for feedback. This choice is entirely yours of course, but we recommend asking feedback from people who look critically at you and your personal development. Request feedback from people with whom you have worked closely and know that they will respond honestly to your feedback question.


The feedback you receive is only visible to you unless you share it with others. So don’t let this stop you from asking feedback from critical people.

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