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Together with our implementation partner GrowQu, we offer various training courses and workshops for both employees and managers.

With the training and workshops of GrowQu you learn how you can increase the quality of feedback and thereby create a continuous development culture. GrowQu can take over the full implementation and management of TruQu.

Success stories

With the belief that development is becoming increasingly important, the Evangelische Omroep (EO) has facilitated the transition from traditional assessment culture to development culture. Through trainings and sessions from GrowQu and the tool from TruQu, the media company stimulates a growth mindset for each employee and they invest more in development and less in control. Employees are given control and are the starting point.

Became curious? After an interesting interview with Freek van Slooten, head of P&O at the EO, a brand new success story emerged. Read more!


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